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**We do not post any items outside the UK**

**All prices are changing on a daily basis now, so please ring us to get the latest prices on all the items listed on the website, to save disappointment upon arrival that prices you have seen on the website, have now changed once in the shop, otherwise we spend all week changing prices on the website**

**Prices are now being altered per item, not per order, this means that some postage charges may seem to be excessive, but please rest assured that we will only charge £10 with a two day delivery time for most items, Air Rifles, Pistols, FAC Rifles & Shotguns come under a fee of £25 between dealers.

Due to the issues with courier services unwilling to accommodate any of the gun trade, we no longer send Ammunition, Powder, Primers or any type of product like this as the prices are ridiculous.  Please remember your appropriate certificates to collect these items.

If when placing an order for 1 pack of pellets in .22 and 1 pack in .177, the fee for postage would still be £10 for both items in 1 box.

We are stuck with the pricing structure at present, so instead of placing the order online, please ring the order through, and we will take a payment over the phone.