Postage Charges

**We do not post any items outside the UK**

**All prices are changing on a daily basis now, so please ring us to get the latest prices on all the items listed on the website, to save disappointment upon arrival that prices you have seen on the website, have now changed once in the shop, otherwise we spend all week changing prices on the website**


We have several postage amounts for certain items.

If you are placing an order for between 1 -10 of the same item, the postage charge will be the same for all of those amounts, but in some cases where customers have purchased different sizes of the same make of product, or for instance buying one calibre of pellet, and another calibre of the same make of pellet, they are getting hit by double postage, please in this instance phone the order through, as we will only charge one postage fee generally on this type of order.  The way our website is set up, it cannot be altered to accommodate one fixed fee anymore due to the other charges needed for other type’s of items being sent up and down the UK


General Postage:  £10.00

Items are covered by our 2 day delivery service by courier anything up to 20kg in weight

Change Of Ownership Items:  £25.00 – £50.00

Any item that requires change of ownership from us to you, like Air Powered Rifles / Pistols, Firearms etc: will require being sent from us to another gun dealer for legal reasons.  The price for this transfer by secure courier is £25.00, but to Northern Ireland courier price is £50.00 and generally this is a next day procedure for delivery unless the very top side of Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Ammunition or Hazardous Items:  

We no longer offer a courier service on ammunition, powders or primers please make sure you bring your appropriate certificates to purchase these items.

We currently do not post items outside the UK for insurance purposes, but we can put you in touch with a shipping company located in the UK if you really must have that particular rifle.  Please bear in mind the charge for us to transfer the item to the shipping company is a fixed fee of £25

**We do not post any items outside the UK**