.45 Long Colt Buntline 1873 Long Barrel Revolver 18″ Barrel **Hardly Used**

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The Colt Buntline 1873 Single-Action target revolver has become one of the icons of the Old West. Only 31 of the original Buntline revolvers were ever produced, and only 18 of those are around today.

The name Buntline Specials was given to long-barreled Peacemakers, based on this story: Tradition has it that dime novelist Ned Buntline presented special-order 1873 Colt revolvers with extra-long barrels, target sights, and detachable wire shoulder stocks to a select group of Old West celebrities. They included Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson.

This pistol comes as shown and will be entertaining to shoot on any occasion.

Available from our list in .357 Magnum, 44-40 and 45 Long Colt

We also modify this pistol to a more suitable length which allows us to put a bar into the rear of the frame and then shorten the barrel to 12″, I did this with mine and it made it a much more enjoyable pistol to shoot.

To alter the barrel length, please speak to us about that conversion.

Bunty3 Bunty4 Bunty5Bunty2

This was my pistol for all of a month, reason for selling is I have too many guns, I only put 50 match rounds through it, save a huge amount on this now very hard to source Long Barrel Revolver.  Still has original box, and can be modified like my .357 Magnum has been done for £100 extra, this will allow the barrel length to be altered to 12″ and will then have a rear counter weight bar fitted.

Deposit Taken……

Calibre .357 Magnum, 44-40, 45 Long Colt


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