Yukon Stringer 5×50 Recording Night Vision Monocular

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The major feature of the new Stringer series digital devices is built-in video recording and photo shooting during observation, with the data saved on an SD memory card or directly on the hard disc of your PC. The built-in illuminator featuring a laser diode, complies with Class 1 Laser Safety, provides effective observation in complete darkness. The 5×50 model features large magnification which provides great viewing range. The monocular can be mounted on a tripod for a comfortable long-time usage. The Stringer is perfectly suited to a wide range of applications including outdoor observation, video recording, hunting, tourism, sports and night navigation and other.

Built-in IR Illuminator
The Stringer is outfitted with a built-in laser IR illuminator (Class 1 Laser Safety) which significantly improves device’s efficiency in lowlight conditions and in the dark.

Easy to use
The Stringer features easy operation: the unit has only three buttons that switch on the device , built-in IR illuminator and launch recording.

The Stringer is perfectly suited to a wide range of applications including:
·Outdoor observation
·Video recording
·Hunting & tourism
·Sports and night navigation
·Commercial and personal fishing and boating 
·Search and rescue
·Equipment maintenance
·Control of manufacturing equipment

Comes with a 2GB SDHC memory card, lens cleaner cloth and USB lead.


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