Opinel Carbone series

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This famous Opinel folding knife is to hand during all your adventures: hiking, camping, bivouacking, hunting and fishing. Extremely versatile, it is the ideal companion for your excursions into Nature.


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Size Opinel 10, Opinel 12, Opinel 2, Opinel 3, Opinel 4, Opinel 5, Opinel 6, Opinel 7, Opinel 8, Opinel 9
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  1. 5 out of 5

    Rating by anon on March 27, 2016 :

    I was googling for an Opinel knife and found this shop had a lot of sizes in stock. I wanted the to buy the Opinel No6 so I went to shop and bought one. It was very sharp but non the less I decided to stone the blade to put a perfect cutting edge on it, then I finished it of with good leather stropping. The knife was quickly transformed into super sharp slicing tool and is so sharp it glides through anything it touches. It makes Stanley knife blades look blunt.

    I was so impressed with this Opinel knife that I went back to the shop a few days later and bought the bigger Opinel No 9. which is a better fit for my hand for applying force for putting deep cuts into wood and sticks. These carbon steel blades on the Opinel knives stay sharp even after doing hard cutting and slicing work and only needs an occasional stropping to bring back it to a perfect edge.

    The No 6 weighs 28 grams. (perfect for your pant pocket)
    The No 9 weighs 57 grams. (perfect for your heavier cutting tasks)

    I won’t bother with Stainless Steel blades again, Carbon Steel is the way to go if you want your knife to stay sharp.

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